IV Wellness

IV Wellness

IV Infusions

We have a variety of IV infusion blends that support various wellness goals. Here are a few, and their purposes:


Rapid Delivery

IV infusions allow for direct delivery of medications, fluids, and nutrients into the bloodstream.

This route of administration bypasses the digestive system, ensuring quick absorption and immediate availability of the substances to the body.


Dosage Control

With IV infusions, healthcare professionals have precise control over the dosage of medications and fluids administered to patients.

This level of accuracy is particularly important in situations where a specific amount of medication or fluid needs to be delivered to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.


Hydration & Nutritional Support

IV infusions are commonly used to provide hydration and nutritional support to patients who are unable to consume fluids or nutrients orally.

Whether due to illness, surgery, or other medical conditions, some patients may require IV fluids to maintain proper hydration levels and receive essential nutrients directly into their bloodstream. 

Meyer's Cocktail
Great for performance enhancement, jet lag, immune support, fatigue, Lyme disease, and mold toxicity, also great for preventing hangovers if you have plans to party.

Ingredients include Magnesium, calcium, B12, B complex and Vitamin C.

Immune Booster
A great mix for preventing illness or shortening recovery time.

Ingredients include Magnesium, calcium, B12, B complex, Vitamin C, zinc.

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Detox your body from the inside out, and get rid of those toxins slowing you down.

Magnesium, Selenium, B complex, Vitamin C, and finished with an IV push of glutathione.

This is great in helping to calm your nerves, reduce anxiety, and helps you relax.

Ingredients include Magnesium, calcium, B12, B complex and Vitamin C, selenium, followed by a push of glutathione.

Beauty Infusion
Get radiant and glowing skin, and strengthen hair and nails.

Ingredients include Magnesium, calcium, B12, B complex, Vitamin C, and biotin all followed up with a glutathione push.

Metabolic/Weight Loss Mix
This helps increase your metabolism which in turn helps with weight loss.

Ingredients include Magnesium, zinc, B complex, and Vitamin C, with a push of glutathione followed by some alpha lipoic acid and finished with an injection of Lipo-C.

Energy Mixture
Getting ready for a sports event, this enhances your performance and you will feel energized for up to 2 weeks.

Ingredients include calcium, B12, B complex, Vitamin C, folic acid, and a push of glutathione along with some NAD+

Hangover Cure
Planning a night out, this will help reduce hangover symptoms so you can get up and go the next morning.

Ingredients include Magnesium, calcium, B12, B complex and Vitamin C, Famotidine to reduce heartburn and other GI symptoms Ketorolac to calm your headache, body aches, and general discomfort. Zofran for nausea. Dexamethasone to calm inflammation associated with hangovers.

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