Dr. Kathy & Dr. Bob share new blogs on a monthly basis, as free informational resources for cancer patients. This corner of our website is dedicated to sharing some of that information with you. You can access Dr. Bob’s YouTube channel for educational videos as well. For more of Dr. Bob’s content and expertise, be sure to visit his website:

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Health Weight Management

Exploring Weight Loss Injectables

I n the realm of weight loss solutions, the use...

Cancer Health

Unveiling the Link Between Alcohol and Health

U nveiling the Link Between Alcohol and Health: Understanding Its...

Cancer Health

Understanding Sleep Changes With Cancer

C ertainly, sleep changes or disturbances are a common concern...

Cancer Health

Navigating Cancer Diagnosis During The Holidays

T he holiday season, traditionally a time of joy and...

Cancer Health

Hidden Sugars

A re there hidden sugars in your diet? When we...

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