Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)

Unlocking the power of insulin

IPT or insulin potentiated therapy is not only an effective therapy in its own right but doubles as an excellent delivery system as well. It not only attacks but can target other therapies to further pursue cancer.

Insulin Potentiated Therapy is our premier therapy that targets and attacks the cancer cells , from many angles at once.

Our understanding of what cancer cells MUST have to survive and thrive is our greatest tool. You take their basic needs and environment  away and you kill them. Our therapies are designed to target the cancer cells, protect normal cells while boosting your innate body wisdom. This allows your immune system, to eradicate and remove.

Vitamin B-17  Yet one more tool in the toolbox to weaken the cancer cells. B-17 fatally affects only cancer cells and not normal cells.

Invented in the 1920’s this therapy has proven itself to be safe and effective.

Cancer cells use anaerobic metabolism (burn sugar without using oxygen) to produce energy.  The problem (for the cancer cell) is that this mechanism is 18 times less efficient than the aerobic (oxygen utilizing) metabolism that our
normal cells use.  That means the cancer cells need 18 times more sugar than normal cells to grow and prosper.

Insulin Potentiated Therapy takes advantage of the cancer cell’s weakness for the need of more sugar. It cannot go long without sugar and is actually quite weak and vulnerable under the right conditions.  Cancer cells cannot skip breakfast and have a bigger lunch. They have to have a constant supply of energy to survive.

Drop the body’s blood sugar and they become desperate for food. They make sure they get their fuel first before healthy cells. It has also been proven that cancer cells have between 10 and 100 times the number of insulin receptors to better insure they get as much sugar as is possible.  With IPT therapy , we surprise the desperate cancer cells with compounds that shut down their energy production without affecting normal cell.

How it works

In performing Insulin Potentiated Therapy or IPT, we first give a dose of intravenous insulin which starts to drop the level of blood sugar. When the level reaches the mid-fifties, the cancer cells literally start starving for sugar.

The cancer cells “open up their cell membranes” to try to catch any sugar molecules traveling through the blood. At this point, we administer an intravenous dose of sugar…but…in the syringe, mixed with the sugar, are anti-cancer ingredients. 

Additional Therapies

These therapies can/are combined with IPT.

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