Cancer Bootcamp


Our Cancer Bootcamp treatment plans deliver highly effective protocols for those faced with cancer and who want non-toxic treatments to preserve the quality of life with fewer side effects than conventional treatment.


Your treatment plan will include a 3 or 4-week Bootcamp, depending on what is agreed upon with the patient and providers. Return visits of 3 or 4 days monthly, for a prescribed length of time, will be scheduled to ensure continuity of care. 

Each patient will be given an individualized home protocol to follow between visits.  Progress is monitored with labs. 




Our treatments work not only to kill cancer cells but also to boost the immune system and detox the body as well. Developed by Dr. Bob Eslinger, much thought and research has gone (and continues to go into) our protocols, so we can achieve the absolute best results for our patients.

Even with the best immune system, cancer has figured out ways to turn off mechanisms that are built into our cells that are capable of detecting foreign invaders.

IPT  •Salicinium •GcMAF •Mistletoe •Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy •High Dose Vitamin C •UBI •Poly MVA •The power of apricots •TCRP (T cell rich plasma) •Complimentary Detox •Reiki 


Our goal is to de-cloak cancer and expose it to the immune system.

Ultimately, you need to be smarter than the cancer cell. Knowing its weaknesses and making that your strength is your biggest weapon.

Treatment does not stop once you return home.  It must become integrated into the lives of each patient once they return home.  Our Cancer Bootcamp patients are expected to take an active part in their care with "At Home" protocols which are crucial to aid in their journey back to stability and eventual homeostatic balance.

Our Program

Our program is not a case of passive, “Give me the medicine and I will be better” or “a one-size-fits-all” approach.  It becomes a committed effort between our doctor, clinical staff, patient, and their family.  It is a journey worth making. 

Time is of the essence. Cancer is a formidable foe and must be addressed aggressively and intelligently.

All of our therapies work hand in hand with each other to create a synergistic and powerful attack on cancer while promoting the body’s innate and wise immune system to regain its natural vitality and balance.

We approach cancer from many angles to create an environment that does not allow it to flourish, while at the same time, doing as little harm to healthy cells as possible. We target the cancer cells and reduce collateral damage to normal cells with powerful non-toxic therapies. 

Treatment protocols combine highly effective, non-toxic, alternative cancer treatment options integrated with selective conventional therapies. Our focus is on de-cloaking and targeting the disease while boosting the patient’s immune system. The body’s immune system must be improved to effectively conquer cancer.


You Are Not Alone...

Whether you become a patient for Reno Integrative or not, we want you to have all the resources possible, to fight your diagnosis. Please feel free to use our blog or other cancer resources to help you with your journey.
Kathy Goldsworthy
Owner, Practitioner

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